We are Walk the Walk. A collective of Hairdressers and Nonprofits using our skills to help and educate those in need around the world.

Ammon Carver Studio Team - A significant part of what Ammon sees as the hairdresser’s higher purpose is giving back.  For the Ammon Carver team, that means stepping up wherever & when ever the call comes.

Hear the Hungry - A movement to humanize individuals experiencing hunger through empowerment, compassion and awareness.

The Heart Project- Like minded people with a desire to help others less fortunate.  Connecting skills with community needs.

Be Awesome to Somebody - To shine light on the issues of homelessness and poverty by improving lives, restoring dignity and inspiring the world to utilize the gifts they have been given to #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

CONFESSIONS OF A HAIRSTYLIST- Jenny Strebe has always had a desire to help others. While overseas before launching her brand confessions of a hairstylist on her own dime visited Donetsk, Ukraine where she spent her time giving hair cuts to orphans in over 6 orphanages.




Our mission is simple….to provide a solution to an epidemic problem through education.  In addition, feeding people in need and providing a service they might not otherwise receive….a haircut!



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   To support our efforts overseas and here in the U.S. please donate below.  Many thanks!